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    Here are my suggestions for the New Rules.



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    Here are my suggestions for the New Rules.

    Post by Woolf on Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:12 pm

    For the second attacks. Everyone MuST  go +/-3 their war number to clean up. There are exceptions.

    New rules for recruits and current everyone in the clan:

    Must have level 8 walls at any costs. if you don’t. STOP whatever you are doing and do them.

    Town Hall 8: Don’t upgrade th9 unless the have max Pekka,wiz,archers,drag,hogs, balloons, minions and 10 king.

    Town hall 9: don’t upgrade th10 unless they have level 9 walls. maxed lab but for healer and gob. 15 king and queen.

    Must see ½ of your builders working constantly.
    Ignoring these rules will be punished for long.

    Do not, under any circumstances, ask for Elder. We do not give out this status lightly. Elder is strictly earned by being active, helping out the clan & our members in various ways, & showing leadership.

    We don't enforce a "donation ratio". All we ask of you is for to be courteous and donate to other members as much as possible. Please Note: While we don't specifically enforce a donation ratio, please be courteous and donate back to your fellow clan mates. Disciplinary action may follow if we see that you are not contributing troops.

    - Town hall sniping is prohibited. There will be a zero tolerance policy towards sniping, so please adhere to this rule.

    Members should be:

    War Request: If requesting specifically for a war attack, you may request anything. Be sure to mention that the request is for war.

    here comes my favorite one:

    2.2k Rule: Below 2200 trophies, you must request Archers and/or Wizards in your request (do not specify level). Above 2200 trophies, you may request anything you want, including higher troop levels.

    War bases must be approved by the leadership. If you change your base, notify the and clan leaders so that another review may be conducted.

    Your first attack must be a real attempt to get 3 stars (or 2 stars against TH10), against a base with the same town hall level as yours. Attacking a high-level base that you cannot reasonably expect to 3-star constitutes a loot grab. Merely hitting an exposed or semi-exposed TH is a snipe. Both are prohibited for your first attack.

    If the war is close, we will require everyone to use their second attack for stars as well. Otherwise, your second attack may be a practice attack. There will be no loot grabs or sniping allowed.
    You are expected to discuss and plan your attack with others in the war.

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