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    Here is How you win



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    Here is How you win

    Post by Woolf on Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:18 pm

    We have a gem drawing event that occurs every 2 weeks at the end of each season, the prize is $10 gift card either iTunes or Google play.
    Rules to enter the raffle:

    1. Donate at least 400 troops per two week season in order to get a name in the drawing.

    2. Get another name for every 400 more you donate.

    3. Also Get a name for every two-star or better war attack during that season.

    4. Rewards will be sent via email or mobile device or in overseas cases PayPal works best.

    5. The Gem Drawing is designed to reward our loyal and hardworking piggies and everyone who has been with us for sometime has won at least once.

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