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    General Rules



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    General Rules

    Post by Woolf on Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:16 pm

    We know nobody likes to read, so we made it simple, bullet points:
    Make all your war attacks:
    Attack 6 below your war number for the first attack.
    The first 5 are unassigned and should focus on the top 9.
    The bottom 6 are unassigned as they have no "6 below".
    If they attack your assigned base, root them on.
    After the 12 hour mark you can attack anyone. IF there is any doubt, ASK A CO.
    Unless otherwise instructed by a co or the leader, do NOT loot. Go for as many stars as you can get (for you second attacks)
    When requesting for raids, do not request specific troops
    Only donate to war clan castles if you have level 5 troops or better:
    Read requests in war clan castles and donate appropriately.
    Be Active.
    Do NOT cause drama in chat. Be helpful to your other clan mates and get along:
    if there is a problem with another clan member take it to a CO or the leader.

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